The Lucrative Storytelling Framework That Sparked $1.2 Trillion in US Sales, 84% Global Penetration Rate, and 6.2 Billion Loyal Customers

Now... Imagine what that can do for your business? When such a simple storytelling system can be a catalyst for such unbelievable results?

The numbers are so dominant even the mighty Amazon, Apple and Google pale in comparison.

They sound almost made up. But I assure you, they are not.  These stats are from a World Economic Forum study in 2016.

The Juggernaut in Question?

Major World Religions.

That’s right, 84% of the global population have embraced some faith of some kind.

So what does it imply?

This means the religious texts used to create conversions are probably the single most powerful persuasive force on Earth!

Imagine what happens when you apply these principles to your product, service and business. Proven by millions of years of legit case studies.

Yet funny enough... Be it due to cultural sensitivity, or the fact it's so painfully obvious that it's so easily  overlooked... There's never been a course that has deep-dived into religious conversion messaging for upping your response rate.

Well, that's about to change.

Because in a minute, you're about to get your hands on this very life-changing framework, a structure SO POTENT it has the power to simultaneously create peace and spark wars, transform the destiny of the entire continents and when applied to you...

Explode Your Business!

How about that? With just a few simple words...

You can attract a flood of converts...  Blow up your sales... Unleash a fresh flow of revenues leading to the dream lifestyle you crave and love.

Hi. My name is Kenneth Yu.

I tell stories that part people from their money.

It’s a superpower I have leveraged to build 3 million-dollar companies in 2 countries, attract clients like McDonalds, Fujitsu and other billion dollar companies -- like the ones below...

List Of Clients

Not only that... I’ve written copy for the top direct response companies in the world, including MindValley and Agora...

...all while working till noon most days and traveling the world with my hot and highly personable wife.

Lately, I've realised I have the knack to teach others my potent secrets. In fact, my storytelling frameworks have taken the world by storm, with invitations around the world - from Bath to Sweden, California to Malaysia.

Not only that... I've also had the privilege of being a mentor for 500 Startups, one of the top Silicon Valley incubators in the world.

But enough about me...

Because this is really about you.

You’re Here Because You Heard Someone Somewhere Saying Storytelling Was the Key to Rapid Business Growth.

In fact, it’s one of the breaking trends in the entrepreneurship space.

  • Tell a story, they said.
  • People don't respond to facts, they said.
  • Emotionally connect to the customer, they said.

This in turn increases engagement that jumpstarts sales. So they are right.

And yes, you're about to discover a breakthrough study done by an Ivy League university...revealing how storytelling can telepathically link you to the listener. No joke!

You can be Professor X.

Yet here's the problem.

Beyond a few viral blog posts and some vague books, there don't seem to be any cohesive methodologies out there.

So while there's buzz on why you should tell a good story, there's precious little on HOW to tell a good story.

And here's why it's even more crucial...

You’re Also Here Because Your Business is Getting Drowned Out by All the Noise...

And you can’t afford to toil in obscurity anymore.

Where you used to charge something remotely sustainable, pricing has plummeted...

...And plummeted again due to a constant flood of new players and tech disruption.

If you run an e-commerce or info-publishing business, you have probably experienced lower results and harder work over the years.

Just to give you an example... One of my earlier companies used to create really great web designs.

Because we were world-class at what we do, we could charge $30,000 a site.

But in just 3 short years, even $3,000 was a tall ask -- due to a rush of freelancers on sites like Fiverr.

While I had the good fortune of cashing out one of those businesses a few years later... Things have probably gotten a whole lot worse for my peers since then.

After all, how many businesses can survive a 10X shinkage in pricing over a short amount of time? That's unthinkable!

Needless to say, every competitive edge matters. Because...

Everyone and Their Grandmother, Cat and Children Are Going into Business for Themselves.

Blame the uncertain economy, tech obliterating barriers to entry, or the push towards the gig economy. Hey, others need to eat right?

However it doesn't change the fact when you knock on one door, another 151 jokers are already bombarding your increasingly-jaded prospect with generic marketing messages.

So when it’s your turn, their dulled gaze already dooms the meetings... If you could get one in the first place.

Or they go online and click on your landing page... Rolling their eyes at promos they have seen time and again.

Or maybe you fall into the “I'd rather die than speak in public” camp. 

So much so when you’re on the platform, you would rather get swallowed by a hole in the ground.

The pit in your stomach grows larger by the second as your presentations land with a thud. Bored faces, wide yawns, and people glancing at their phones and watches.

Well, here’s the good news.

When you tell a compelling, gripping story... It becomes the ultimate shortcut to SLICING through all that noise as science actually has proven from a growing body of evidence.

And here’s even better news.

You’re About to Get the Most Powerful... Yet Quickest, Easiest Storytelling Course on The Planet!

You might be thinking...

How does storytelling help me generate sales?

Well... Here’s the thing...

I hang out with very successful people... a whole bunch in the rarified 9-figure-aire and some in the billionaires club.

These are some of the selected few:

George Ross

Donald Trump’s Former Right Hand Man

Hugh Hilton

Part of the Hilton Family

The one common trait they all have?

They Are Mesmerizing Storytellers.

They weave tales that command attention... And the wallets that accompany it.

You just have to look at the news... Elon Musk, Uber’s Travis Kalanick and WeWork’s Adam Nuemann have talked their way to billion dollar valuations -- even with non-proven products and business models.

Mind you, it’s not just anecdotal evidence. Here's scientific proof, from Princeton, no less.

In this 2010 landmark study, PHD researchers Greg Stephens and Uri Hasson examined brain scans of a speaker and listener... showing that their neural activity synchronized during storytelling.

They described it as ” mind meld” between storyteller and audience.

In layman’s terms...

You’re LITERALLY “on the same wavelength.” This implies you and the other party are so hyper-compatible that connection and conversation become effortless.

Simply, storytelling puts you on the same page.

Surely you can start picturing how this impacts your communication?

This incredible level of influence makes all the difference for you and your business.

Now here’s the amazing bit.

Imagine taking that synchronization and amplifying it at least a thousandfold across the masses. Picture hundreds, thousands and even millions “mind-melding” with you, eagerly open to what your product/business has to offer?

This Mega Telepathic “Loudspeaker” is Called
Religious Persuasion

It’s the very secret that has packed billions into the fold.

In a breakthrough 2018 study, funded by Swiss National Science Foundation, Storytelling as Adaptive Collective Sensemaking states:

"in late nineteenth‐century America, religious sermons became progressively infused with storytelling as a means to appeal to a wider and more diverse set of audiences."

The studies went on to assert storytelling’s role in the spread of Christianity to a then-pagan nation.

In other words, it’s the telling of stories that enabled conversions numbering millions.

Thus... When you couple the “same frequency” abilities of storytelling together with religious persuasion...

You End Up With
Customer Salivation!

Where your audience is literally drooling after what you’re offering.

When the loyalty your customer shows you is proven by sticking to you... Even with lower prices from your competitors...  All because of a fierce relationship with you.

Are you starting to be convinced yet?

Yet even with its immense powers... you might be surprised there’s precious little systems about religious storytelling for business, even though it’s nearly limitless in its persuasive potential.

Well... the wait is over!


The Scalable Parable:

The Ultimate Religion-Based Framework for Telling Stories That Sell.

You get a reverse-engineered storytelling structure that’s PROVEN to move the needle. After all, I combed sacred scriptures with a fine neuro-marketing comb... Extracting effective insights that you can implement immediately into your business.

It’s a power-packed, concise 9-video course. Sharp and tight.

The name holds the clue to how it will help you.

PARABLE: Tales with the objective of inspiring a specific favored action.

SCALABLE: The ability to spread it FAR and WIDE.

This system is all you need to take your marketing and sales message and propel it all across the interwebs... Leading to untold fame and fortune.

The steps are so easy... And astoundingly flexible as well.

You can sprinkle it like truffle salt to boost your sales. Instantly create attention for your social media content. Elevate your stage presentations.

Can’t you see the sheer potential of the Scalable Parable?

So What Makes Me Your “Prophet”?

Well, this is what the brightest minds say about me.





"Kenneth Yu has succeeded in classic direct marketing and the new media. A rare bird nowadays, when too many people suffer by being specialists without knowing the big picture. Impressive."



"Not only is Kenneth a gifted copywriter, he has become a great friend and trusted marketing celebrity on social media. He is a gifted guy, always willing to help everyone from rank newbies to us ‘so-called’ pros. I always take time to read everything he writes. His angles are sharp and his headlines grabbing. Watch as this star rises in the IM world."

Beyond flattering words... I actually get results. Miracles like this:

  • 7017% for our Telco Client
  • 5153% for our Real Estate Client
  • CB Platinum Status in 6 months. (That’s USD500,000!)

And here’s the other crucial component...

I’m especially qualified to talk about Religious Persuasion because me and my wife are deeply entrenched in faith and spirituality.

Both of us used to be regional pastors for one of the fastest growing churches in the world -- part of the pioneer team that grew it from 14 people to 32,343 (as of time of writing) people in 13 years.  

You can say I mastered all aspects of growth.

Plus... I also studied hermeneutics under the late great Kevin Connor.

So when I couple my extensive theological training with specialisation in behavioral economics and neuro-science, it’s a potent combo.

The Scalable Parable Becomes Jet Fuel for Your Business

And here’s a sneak peek at these 9 power-packed video modules...

It’s divided into 2 sections...

Where you learn:

The Substance:
  • The 8 crucial steps that ruthlessly and systematically trigger dopamine, oxytocin, serotonina and endorphins...  Layering them into a “Pleasure Prison” so that your prospect is enthralled by you -- and only you!
  • DIVINE AND CONQUER. Conversely, 3 simple steps to transform a person’s “Fight and Flight” response into fabulous wealth
  • The right words to speak, and sentences to construct... To cut through all that noise so you become your customer’s ONE TRUE VOICE in a wilderness of info overload.
  • Certain stories attract more eyeballs, virality and revenue than others. Here’s 3 of the hottest.
  • Your Treasure is in Your Tribe. How to create an audience that becomes a waterfall of profit forever.
  • And much, much more.
The Style:
  • The SEA of Belief. The quickest, easiest way to boost credibility.
  • 5 Authority Figures you can tap into to create compliance for your commands.
  • Did you know not all emotions drive buying behaviour? Here are the 6 most effective ones.  
  • The Sinister Secret of the Lawyers That Drafted the Climate Change Laws, aka how to use jargon to create massive, undisputed leverage.
  • What Kurt Cobain can teach you about business.
  • And much, much more.

Does that sound good?

Now... Let’s Talk Investment...

One of my most famous stories was how I walked into the boardroom for a $50k project and came out with $500,00 at hand.

I have clients routinely pay me $25,000/monthly for YEARS on end.

If you want a single sales letter... My rates are USD25,000 a funnel. And my dance card is full for months now... Since I prioritise my own businesses.  

Really, after that... whatever you give me after that is a bargain. Yet I decided to go with something unprecedented.

I was planning to release the Scalable Parable at USD497. However for a strictly limited time...

You can get it now for a low, low investment of USD197.

And here’s why I’m giving it at 61% off.

Here’s the rave reviews I got for my other products.







Keann Wong




"The Trust issue SOLVED. We are losing trust in governments, school systems, and marketers. We are looking for an awakening in the world of endless noise. We get messages that conflict with each other. We are lacking understanding of what is right and what is wrong. We know that this is the way our possible prospects feel like. We try endless content marketing techniques and it is hard to see great results.

We need a multidisciplinary framework that will be reliable. I found it in the Blockbuster formula… Designed and created by a person I trust as a genius in the marketing world. I always look for the Unique Talent Proposition in humanity, that is my work.

I found one especially after years of trusting another great formula that somehow became a little outdated… The Guerrilla Marking method of another genius, Jay Conrad Levinson. Simply put, The Blockbuster Formula is a 4.0 version that works in a crowded world."



As a direct response copywriter, I find it difficult to write sometimes - You know it when your competitors out there are repeatedly using the same old hooks, pain points and triggers in that particular niche and industry. And when this happens to you, your copy just loses its magic. Period.

The BlockBuster Formula gave me a whole new set of tools for me to create new marketing angles, bullets and offers. I absolutely love Modules 5 and 6 where Kenneth goes really in depth in structuring and polishing offers - this is one hell of a gem where 99% of most copywriting courses won’t cover.

Using these principles and strategies, I’ve not only been able to write much more powerful copy in less time. I’m also capable of optimising my offer for more sales. Of course. That means more dollars in less hours.

To be upfront... Scalable Parable is a brand new product. So I’m looking for feedback, comments and reviews.

Thus, I’m giving a generous trial discount... As long as you agree to give me feedback on how your business was impacted by the Religious Persuasion principles.

USD197 for a Limited Time Only

And if that’s not enough....

Here’s Some Bonuses to
Sweeten the Pot.

BONUS#1 -- Tome of Marketing Potions (USD297)

The Scalable Parable is an insanely powerful revenue-boosting framework -- provided you know how to apply it.

In this recorded Q&A call, deep inside a profound USD5,000 program -- I’ll reveal how you can deploy this potent 8-step story-selling method into your sales letters, social media posts and landing pages.

You won’t be at a loss to come up with your religious-persuasion promos... Never experience the agony of crickets again!

BONUS#2 -- Tribal Profits (USD297)

What happens when you start gaining popularity and amass a community?

One trait that seems to be common among experts and thought leaders is they generate a whole bunch of content... Attract a whole bunch of eager followers...

Yet their wallets are as empty as a barren desert.

In this eye-opening video, you’ll discover how to take all that goodwill and translate into cold hard cash... And have an easy time doing it while impacting tons of lives.

In fact, in one of my recent promotions, I made an outstanding average of USD187 per FB Group member. When the industry average is only USD1 per email address, there’s a mind-blowing number.

Guess what? You’ll get 5 rock solid ideas on how to monetise your audience in a fun yet flushed-with-cash way.

The more you’re reading this, the more convinced you are Scalable Parable is the solution to your overcrowded marketplace woes.

And to put your mind further at ease...

Here’s The Guarantee of Biblical Proportions.

In a world filled with regurgitation, you don’t want to waste your time on cliched material. However, I’m confident the Scalable Parable offers something so unique that it produces one-of-a-kind results.

That’s right. I’ll stake my reputation on this program …

Try Scalable Parable, 100% at my risk. If your results are not enhanced by this course… If your audience is not slavishly hanging on to every word… then by all means send it back…and every penny of your purchase will be returned.

For 365 days.

One. Entire. Year.

Does that sound fair?

In summary…

Here’s Everything You Get

Scalable Parable -- 9 Modules of the most persuasive “greasy slide” strategies on the planet rooted in the power of religious conversion texts (USD497) 

Tome of Marketing Potions - How to fully leverage Scalable Parable for any sales promo -- big or small ($297)

Tribal Profits - 5 Innovative Ways to Monetise Your Audience in a Profitable, Yet Profound Manner ($297)

Total value of package? $1091.

Today only, it’s yours for only $197.

That’s a massive 82% discount. Just to thank you for checking it out.

So here’s the deal...

You only have a few days before the prices go up permanently to USD497.

Here’s another thing to consider... While my past programs may be out of your budget... This is the most affordable thing I have at this point.

My teachings have been called the “Disneyland of the Mind”... and that’s because I know how to teach, courtesy of my corporate training background.

And here are the companies that have engaged me.      

As a result, you’ll not only get secrets that work... You get to learn it in an easy-to-understand and practical way. 

Scalable Parable can be an instruction manual for your staff... So sound storytelling principles can be cascaded in your team.

Once you inject it into your presentations, you can start rousing the crowd to their feet.

Here’s the thing... Scalable Parable has already started being used by the top companies in the world.

  • Silicon Valley incubators.
  • Fortune 500 Companies.
  • Even small business owners.

Because this is blowing up… It’ll be in your best interest to get it so that your competitor doesn’t use it against you.

Time for a first mover advantage, eh?

For really the price of a daily hipster coffee.

So now... It’s time to make a decision.

I urge you...

Let Scalable Parable Enable You to Tell Stories to Cut Through the Clutter and Attract More Customers!

This is one of those watershed moments in your life. Two paths lie before you:

1) You can bury your head in the sand.

You may think “my product or service should speak for itself.” If you were to provide excellent service... That should be enough.

But deep down... You know that’s not true, right? 

Aren’t you sick of being overlooked by the marketplace? Getting your pricing and worth slashed by clients spoilt for choice?

Leaving behind a cash flow that looks redder and redder like a sea of blood by the day?

Surely there must be a better way? And there is one!

2) You can take control of your life

Imagine… The millions of dollars in your bank balance… The thousands of dollars in your wallet…  The admiring glances coming from jealous onlookers… The confidence in your stride…

All this from just one course… And a negligible time investment… You’ll become the person you always wanted to be… Powerful… Successful… Able to command the room offline, and create conversion rates online.

Frankly, only one of these choices makes any sense at all. I encourage you--for your own sake--claim your copy of the Scalable Parable today.

All you have to do is click on the GET INSTANT ACCESS button below to gain exclusive access and get started today.

USD197 for a Limited Time Only

To the Pursuit of Progress,
Kenneth Yu

P.S. Remember, the whole system you have read about works. It really does, and even the stats from the World Economic Forum confirms it. But don't decide today. Take it for a test run and then decide if Scalable Parable is right for you.

After all... You get the Guarantee of Biblical Proportions granting you 365 days to try out the content and see the power for yourself.

P.P.S. You know how it is. So often you read, and nod, and then nothing. Most people fail just because they don’t act. Why not take the step now that could transform your destiny? Why not take the plunge to become one of the top 1% of the world’s population?

What have you got to lose? What’s stopping you?

Remember… This offer is only going to be offered for a limited time only at the special price of $197… After this… I’m going to quietly test it at multiples of that in the cold market.. So you’ve been forewarned. This is your chance to do something that can break you away from the pack and be a winner in this game called life.

P.P.P.S. Face it: There’s a “zombie apocalypse” in this world today. .

The swarm of competition is ever increasing... It's time to bring out the big guns.

If not, younger, hungrier upstarts will take your lunch. The new unemployed are clamoring for jobs where there simply aren't many – almost like zombies swarming over the one lone piece of human flesh.

Therefore, there comes a day when you need to make a decision…

Do I put my head in the sand and hope things will blow over? Am I content to be a victim of circumstance?

Or do I shout from the rooftops, “I’m mad as hell and I can’t take it anymore”, and get off my behind and do something about it?

The Answer is Obvious, Isn’t It?

So what are you waiting for? Click on the “Instant Access” button to get it today. 

USD197 for a Limited Time Only

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